magnifying glass

The finishing touch

Standard polishing system from Ivoclar Vivadent for finishing, polishing and high gloss polishing composite and amalgam restorations

  • Large Flame (B)
  • Large Cup (C)
  • Small Cup (D)

Politip is a two-step polishing system available in three shapes for interdental and occlusal applications:

Politip F (finish)

For the removal of excess material and prepolishing.

Politip P (polish)

For polishing restoration surfaces. Produces a smooth surface finish and first-class results on microfilled composites (Heliomolar, Heliomolar Flow, Heliomolar HB).

Delivery forms

Set containing all the shapes and grit sizes, 24 pieces

  • Refill (F/P) containing 6 finishers/polishers in one shape
  • Refill (F/P) containing 6 finishers/polishers in three shapes

Now available in small packs