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Zirconia Discs

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NexxZr zirconia portfolio

The NexxZr zirconia range offers the right esthetic solution for different dental cases and indications due to the variety of colors and the 3 different degrees of translucency:

  • NexxZr S offers high opacity
  • NexxZr T delivers translucent results
  • NexxZr + enables highly translucent restorations

In addition, each NexxZr zirconia can be infiltrated individually with Coloring Liquids prior to sintering. The zirconia discs are offered in four different geometries.

  • The W-98 is a 98.5mm round disc with step (10mm) for the common dental CAD / CAM milling machines (Roland, vhf, Wieland Zenotec, imes-icore etc.).
  • The D-98 geometry is a round 98.5mm disc with no step (for example for DMG, Röders).
  • The A-71 geometry has a plastic frame for the machines from AmannGirrbach (for example Motion 1, Motion 2).
  • The Z-95 geometry is suitable for disc recording in zirconia CAD / CAM machines (e.g. M1, M2, M5)

The ease of milling allows for particularly easy processing in various dental CAD / CAM machines. The reason for this is the low vickers hardness in the green state. This means less wear for the tools and less stress on the machine. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process and the unique powder processing, the edge stability during the milling process is ensured.