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Ortho Care

Oral Health Management during and after orthodontic treatment. Synchronized solutions for a bright smile. 

Strong and healthy teeth and healthy gums. This is the goal to which orthodontists and their teams aspire and it is the wish of orthodontic patients.

The Ortho Care Program offers coordinated product systems for the placement of brackets and for professional oral health care during and after the orthodontic treatment. The products are suitable for use in orthodontic patients due to their special ingredients, as well as their favourable properties related to flow, wetting and adhesion. Furthermore, the products are easy to apply and have mild flavours. Clinical experience and the results of international studies confirm the effectiveness of these products in this target group.


  • Clinically proven products
  • Effective prevention of white spot lesions and gingivitis
  • Long-term beautiful teeth

Benefits for the practice team

  • Can be easily integrated into the treatment sequence
  • Risk-based treatment
  • The program allows you to offer orthodontic patients successful, customized oral health management


  • The Ortho Care Program offers solutions for the special oral health care needs of orthodontic patients.