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Coloring Liquids

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NexxZr T Coloring Liquid

The Coloring Liquids offer a wide range of color variants and provide reproducible and highly esthetic results for restorations made of zirconium oxide.

  • Coloring liquids for NexxZr T white restorations by means of dipping infiltration before the sintering process
  • Coloring liquids for dipping infiltration in 16 A–D tooth shades
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NexxZr Effect Coloring Liquids

NexxZr Effect Coloring Liquid for white NexxZr T and NexxZr+ restorations for individual color infiltration in the colors blue, violet, gray, orange, brown and incisal enhancer.

NexxZr Coloring Liquids are ready-to-use solutions to color unsintered indirect restorations (crowns and bridges) made of NexxZr T and NexxZr+ by means of infiltration technique.

Delivery Forms

  • NexxZr T Coloring Liquid (60ml) : 16 A–D colors, Single Refill
  • NexxZr T Coloring Liquid Starter Kit (16x60ml)
  • NexxZr Effect Coloring Liquid (15ml): blue, violet, grey, brown, incisal enhancer, Single Refill
  • NexxZr Effect Coloring Liquid Starter Kit (5x15ml)