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Alloys from Ivoclar Vivadent

You can rely on alloys from Ivoclar Vivadent

An alloy selection like no other!

We offer you a broad range of alloys which are specifically adjusted to the different indications and patient requirements. Convenient handling is just as important an issue as certified biocompatibility. The selection ranges from high-gold and reduced gold to palladium-based and base metal alloy products. Performance, quality, trust are the cornerstones of our alloy portfolio and the reasons why you can rely on Ivoclar Vivadent’s alloy range:


We can look back on more than a century of experience in manufacturing high-quality, biocompatible dental alloys. From high-purity dental alloys to metal-ceramic products and coordinated cementation materials – we offer you an integrated solution for every indication. As a result, we can meet the requirements of dentists and dental technicians alike.


The highest level of purity of the materials used and comprehensive process control provide reliable product quality. Identalloy certification guarantees the highest level of quality and clear identification of the alloy category. We therefore set the standard for purity, service and performance.


Due to our experience and years of research, you can be sure to work with products you can rely on. Our worldwide technical support network is ready to help you – allowing you to go ahead with your lab work knowing that you are in good hands. Today and tomorrow.